Buffy/ Faith pairing

I don't do fanfic sorts of things often.

But Buffy/Faith pairings always made sense to me.

And this one - one minute and 13 seconds of what reminds me of her. It was the first - and one of only two - relationships in my entire life I became jealous in.

We always do, the first one we fall in love with. Strange turn of events, though: I was the interloper. She hadn't broken up with her ex-girlfriend. She'd gone out of town, and I....

didn't mean to move in. Not exactly. But that's what love does to you.

I don't think I'd ever felt the kind of rage and burn as to when her ex-girlfriend (who wasn't so ex) walked back into the house. Not so surprisingly, her "ex" had the same reaction when she saw ME sitting on her couch with her girlfriend.

It got violent between her and I. Physically as well as verbally. Screaming and fists and throwing each other into walls.

Years later, I apologized to this woman about it, saying that I should have respected the relationship they were in. She wrote back that I needn't worry, we were children. Eighteen and nineteen at the time. The woman we were both fighting over was...I think she was 23 at the time? I can't quite recall.

But I do remember feeling this. It's funny, how quickly and fully 1 minute and 13 seconds can encapsulate an entire relationship.

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Buffy/Faith 4-EVAH!

... though in fairness I shipped Buffy/Willow more.
Your icon - I love it!!!!

And lol, I could sorta see Buffy and Willow - at least Willow has the whole half-gay thing going on. I think Buffy would be good for drawing Willow out of her shell, helping her learn to be herself.

But for me, it's always Buffy and Faith. They have this violent and powerful, matched powers sort of thing.

Funny, how attached we get to these imaginary pairings, isn't it? LOL.
I thought I must have had a Buffy/Faith icon, but the closest I could find was Thelma/Cassie from Hexed, which was... basically a UK rip-off of Buffy.

And I totally called Willow being in love with Buffy before we found out Willow was bi.

Buffy however remains insanely straight. Sadly. Despite what the comics tried to do. Which... just never rang true for the Buffster.

Heh, and yeah. This is actually how Sel and I met, writing Buffy fanfic together. We shipped EVERYBODY in that show.
You have no idea how big of a smile that gives me - that you and her met writing Buffy fanfic together. <3

And I've not read the comics, but have heard that they flirted with giving Buffy a bit of the vag love - which, just isn't her. Sadly. But it's better for the creators to keep official cannon true to the characters. Let the rest of us go wild with our fantasies, lol.
It was some pretty awesome fanfic too. One of those collaborative writing roleplaying things on egroups back in the day before it became Yahoogroups and was destroyed.

I wish I still had copies of it. My characters were mostly Giles and Spike, and hers were Willow and... gosh... who did she play. I forget. Xander maybe.

Anyway, that's how we met. It was the first time I'd ever written anything, and she was already very good. And we just clicked, started emailing.

And yep, not just a bit of vag, but a full-on true-love girlfriend. It... it just didn't work. Just came off as fanservice.

Sarah Michelle Gellar just played that role very very straight I think.
Buffy and Willow are both clearly bottoms. It wouldn't work. Faith on the other hand is a top, so her and Buffy would work.
Have you watched any of season 2 of "Orange is the new Black"? One of the flashbacks is like that, the current girlfriend who isn't quite ex walking in on the new girlfriend and getting into a fight. I just binge watched all of season 2 in a day so that's what I thought of. I also used to binge watch Buffy. I should do that again soon.
Years later, I apologized to this woman about it, saying that I should have respected the relationship they were in. She wrote back that I needn't worry, we were children. Eighteen and nineteen at the time.

Kudos to both of you for this because very few people have the courage to apologize or forgive. Very cool.
Thank you. It was terrifying, mostly because I realized I kinda deserved a lot of the rage that poor girl threw at me. But I'm glad I did it. I think she is, too. Thank you!