You mean you don't feel like running a marathon for the sheer joy of being alive?

I'm shocked. Shocked I say.
Next you'll be saying you're not jumping up and down on the hospital bed singing a medley of pop hits from the 80s. And just, nobody will believe it.
Physically this may be even right.
Well, may it get you the normal kind of sleep and may it let you have a night of it through for once since a whole while...
I'm with matrix up there. It's like taking a car off blocks - time, effort, and patience are required to get things back into ship-shape, and that's without any analogue to your other problems to complicate the process.

After noting how long you'd gone without posting, last I was wondering if I was reading the final words you'd ever write in public.

So I'm one gratified motherfucker to be writing these words at all.