Seriously, just fuck Eckhart Tolle

I'm on Youtube looking for videos about lupus. I want to watch personal videos (vblogs I think they're called?) of people WITH lupus, but I also wanted to watch some medical videos. Learn more about this disease and how it's doing my body wrong.

All Youtube wants to give me are twats who prattle on about "natural cures", to which, fuck that. I've no qualms about people adding natural treatments to an established medical one. I've A MILLION qualms about people who insist that everything can be magically made better if I just ate a plastic capsule filled with dried flower bits.

I'm in no hurry to finish what I started 3 weeks ago when I almost died. And what, pray tell, made it possible to continue living? Modern. Fucking. Medicine. Y'know, the same thing that made it so your nose won't rot off if you contract syphilis. The same thing that makes it possible for children to attend school together, instead of turning one case of smallpox into a pustule filled, classroom sized epidemic.

Yes, modern medicine has side effects. So do natural treatments. The big difference is that one includes death as a side effect (which is as natural as it gets) while the other just has an ungodly list of uncomfortable symptoms. Guess which is which?

I could go on for hooours about how irritated the subject of "natural medicine" and "positive thinking" can "cure" anything makes me. I blame Eckhart Tolle and his ilk. The people who suggest that all negative things happen due to our negative thoughts. It's like, "Yeah, sorry your kid died of cancer, but they obviously just didn't want to LIVE hard enough. Try again with your next kid."

Ain't nothing wrong with having a rosy attitude. There's plenty wrong with suggesting all you need is that rosy attitude. And vitamins, which usually contain an extremely small amount of what it says on the bottle and are instead chock full of filler ingredients.

Enjoy your sawdust, assholes.

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I find it particularly amusing when a 'natural medicine' is offered which is just a massively diluted form of something that is refined into a modern medicine. Which is what most modern medicine is anyway. But yeah, these folks really shouldn't be allowed to spread their lies, they're killing people.
The main purpose of YouTubers is to make money so they're either selling something or getting kickbacks or freebies to review things other people are selling. You're hard-pressed to find someone who vlogs just to share their honest-to-god thoughts anymore.
True: homeopathy has been dismissed as quackery. And when you're dealing with tiny nano-quantities of "cure" and cutting that in half, and half again, yeah: I can't believe it either.

However, what I do believe in—and what was helped me over and over again—are the supplemental cures: the chiropractic, for instance, where the first chiropractor I saw adjusted me and I was immediately able to stop wearing a lift on my shoe. Or the nutritional supplements: I take a thyroid supplement because I have low thyroid, and it keeps me from having to take medicine to control my thyroid.

I previously was at the point where I had to have a lift built on the heel of every left shoe I owned because there was a 3/4" discrepancy between the lengths of my legs; now it's negligible. To quote quirkytizzy: "Science, bitches."

There's the below video about how medical marijuana helped a woman with lupus:

Your mileage may vary, but you might even want to try contacting this woman—or someone on that side of the fence.

I know Jesse smokes pot; does it help with his medical issues? I believe you've said it does.
Like you, I am skeptical of "Miracle cures." Sometimes real science does have to intervene otherwise you're going to be taking a real long dirt nap.

Flowers have their uses, and I have used them in the past. Have they helped? Yes and no. Is it a bit woo woo? Yeah, a bit.

I see a homeopath. My treatment consists of a lot of nutritional supplements and actually a lot of blood work. He's the reason we found my celiac disease. But he was a practicing M.D. before he switched and knows how science works. His thing is sometimes you need a bit of both worlds: nature and science.
My acupuncturist was trained as an E.N.T. (Ear, nose, throat) doctor—surgeon, actually—and I feel grateful everytime I see him.

I definitely play both sides of the fence; I get [sort of] regular checkups, and see alternative practitioners and take lots of supplements.

Bach flower essences? The jury is still out on that one, as far as I'm concerned. If it helps, it works; if it doesn't, it doesn't.

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As I keep saying with Facebook: "Why should they do anything against fake news? They make money with displaying advertsings next to it. If they get a lot of clicks, they have a lot of people getting shown advertisings." - but sometimes I think, it also goes a little deeper than that.
In America, they have nothing against things making people stupid and fight each other. If there would be stuff out there that makes them thinking individuals again, this was the thing they regarded as a threat.
Dumb people mean money for the capitalists that control the country, and also if people keep only caring about that stupid shit, they do nothing else than that. Nothing that could be threatening to those peoples' warm ass, hedonistic lifestyle and their compulsion to make even more money for all their lifetime.

...That's the reason why you can find so much hocus pocus stuff online and nobody does make an attempt of getting it gone because it harms peoples' health.
Um, teachers' unions keeping students dumb in school is the thing that keeps the leftists in business.

If you believe that capitalism runs this country, I suggest you try opening a business without a permit.

But you're right that stuff that makes people think is regarded as a threat.
What is officially called "leftism" throughout with world, with America as the place of the origin of this very image, I wouldn't call that leftism. That's only capitalism from a different side of things, with different paroles and ways to sell you brainwash and lies. I'm very clear-sighted in that.
If they had anything to do ideologically with leftism, they would try to face problems as they come and not by what their dogmas allow them to exist for them.
The very term "capitalism" is leftist jargon. People who are accused of engaging in it are simply trying to get along and prosper; there is no dogma to it, unless you want to beg the question and declare "working for a living" a philosophical position.

If I need to listen to that, I just shake my head...
And then I think "Why here? Why now? Why at this place?". Who didn't get it until this point, he may probably never get it.

Truth in this system that is on now worldwide - whose name is "capitalism" - is: A few family dynasties own land, resources and workplaces of most of mankind. The assets they own are the most deciding for the development course of mankind. And for the hell of it, they act and think like it is their God-given right to own this - and to do with it as they please. Including the people living and working in it (that, on top, even are partly responsible.that these assets exist at all and what these family dynasties gain from it in richness).
Your destiny as a small ant, as a person of those who hasn't been born to one of these rich family dystasties, is set in it as destiny is: You shall think as if this system is gonna bring the most of benefits to you, you shall conribute your efforts, your blood, sweat and tears, and your dreams, thinking you'll be in a better place 10 years on, while from the scene behind the curtains you get sucked out like a vampire's victim and the system is being made and arranged that way that your dreams become a safe bet to never come true.
Your purpose as a small ant is to be exploited, to be made believe you make true what you carry in your head, and in the end you get let down and kicked in the ass and even spit on and laughed at for being so stupid to think that anything of this can come true. Playing and feeding on your dreams, this is what the purpose of this sysem is. Abusing your hopes, your sorrows, for the sake of making profit with it and keeping you pushed back into this place to run like fuck in this hamster wheel that feeds these rich ass family dynasties.
Meanwhile, that system not only has begun to turn toxic for the hamsters in the wheels (again in a while), but also the people that make out capitalism use this being toxic for their own purposes. They use it as a tool too to keep the normal populace in that place that is useful for this part of society. And this tool is: Poverty, diseases, fear, violence, needinesss, family duties, emotional dependences, human weaknesses and temptations.
These days it has entered a stage once again where they don't only exploit peoples' dreams and hopes, those beliefs of those who think of themselves on the sunny side of things, but also those which fight for their own survival and their sanity, day by day. Knowing they need to, 'cause there will still be prices to pay for food in a market even a thousand years on when capitalism is an ancient form of doing economy and society politics, they inject suggestions and propaganda into the heads of all entities of society (so that someone in a smaller position in the chain also keeps pushing you), so that is is a security that you as a small person trying to fight for your survival stay in that position and that you keep going and going without ever becoming able to stop for a moment. The need to fight shall be present every day - if you happened to be born on that side.

Double-win situation for those which own the important assets in the world and which want to stay that rich for the next generations and which think like is their God-given right that this is their property.

This is the true face of what the world is today, "capitalism" and "feudalism" are terms which this picture received as its name over the process of hundreds of years. Doesn't matter what you call it, the system still keeps its shape.
I recommend reading Henry George, the author of Progress and Poverty and other books. He was a nineteenth century economist who was very much on the side of the poor and downtrodden, and a stench in the nostrils of the robber barons; but he was not a socialist. He was in favor of free enterprise, and letting people profit from their capital as well as their labor, but he saw a problem with private ownership of land, which is not produced by human effort. He favored a single tax on the value of land, and the abolition of other taxes, and he had a mass movement going for a while. Look it up, why doncha?
I don't read big tomes anymore because I lack time and concentration for it. And I think I'm clear in that, for my cosmos holding liberatarian views ("let everyone do what he wants, it shall not be my concern") and socialism don't contradict each other.
If there are still so many people out there which think of socialism as a dictatorship of the state over the economy and that makes highly inefficient decisions, he didn't get the whole fucking concept of what socialism is.
Socialism is the workers and the poor which keep a system running being the kings and rulers of that system. They get museums, they get statues devoted to them, not some stupid people that live in castles and do parties all over the day and suck out 10 times the resources of a small-man-person.
The factories are property of the workers, even the manager is only an employee of its own factory. They can't be purchased, you can only buy a share of them through working for them, being part of the factory.
The state only ensures the big safety cheese cover from the outside, that nobody tries to put these rules upside down - what automatically happens when capital can flow freely worldwide in a globalized world.
Inside and worldwide, they're in competition with every other factory, even those from the own country. As socialism only always had to produce everything himself because the Americans decided there will be no acception on the world market of their currency and they couldn't just import things, it came that barely 3 factories decided to produce the same goods, each one had very differing wares because it was about covering the oveall supply to the people, not make the most of profit.

If socialism was such an ineffcient system, why did half of the world like to buy his wares from socialism? Why can wares and machines from the GDR still be found in the weirdest places at the edge of the world?
Why did Spain needed its tons of half pigs from the GDR? Why is it a joke to make that mail-order catalogue Quelle would have remained empty and their offerings out of stock if the GDR had cut its ties to West Germany?
You Americans can just listen to that. This is true history of Europe. History you won't hear in any of your own superficial fabricated documentations that claim the victory of capitalism over socialism glorifying it as the only form of freedom that there ever was and ever will be.
If you think that prospering and being free as a person is a thing that only capitalism and its likes rented for itself, then you've run just into that trap that it set up with its propaganda all over the decades.
Yes, modern medicine has side effects. So do natural treatments. The big difference is that one includes death as a side effect (which is as natural as it gets) while the other just has an ungodly list of uncomfortable symptoms. Guess which is which?

Last I looked, death was something nearly all* people had to deal with, in all cases.

I wouldn't put my total faith in an acupuncturist, chiropractor, or—god forbid—Reiki practitioner to cure me of anything, but I've had tremendous success with both acupuncture and chiropractic in things as basic as getting me to breathe correctly.

My roommate died last August after having survived nearly ten years post-diagnosis, and yeah: he used exactly zero alternative treatments of any kind. He wasn't interested in trying alternative therapies, and I knew his philosophy was to do whatever makes you happy, even if it kills you.

Several years previous, we had a golden retriever who was diagnosed with liver cancer that was too far gone at the time of diagnosis to be treated with chemo and radiation, so we treated her with tinctures and herbs. She lasted over two years before we had her put down for quality-of-life reasons—"it just wasn't fun anymore [for her]," said my roommate—so I'd say that either route you want to go, if it's done properly, is probably valid.

*except maybe those who are in deep, deep denial
I've had better luck with herbs and juices for my own issues than with the pharma drugs, which always had a limited span of usefulness.

But for some things, the MD is the way to go!