Life explained in Babylon 5 quotes

Okay, so that "touch" of depression this morning is turning into a black hole, complete with a star-destroying gravity well. I'm firing on all thrusters trying to stay out of it. Facebook. Funny youtube videos. Painting my nails.

It's just not working today. There's no rhyme or reason to it today. Physically, I feel good. Great, even. Mentally and emotionally?

It's like that episode where Sheridan takes the Whitestar into Jupiter's atmosphere to trap the Shadow ship, except I feel more like the Shadow ship than the Whitestar.

SHERIDAN: Alright Lennier, give me everything you got!

LENNIER: If I were holding anything back, I'd let you know.

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I regard it this way: When you get told that you've got a constant disease that is going to make life more and more miserable for you by the years, making even incapable of doing a few things like all other people, you've got every reason to be depressed about it. No-one of that healthy people knows what it is like, what it is like when getting up after 8 hours of sleep and still being tired and non-attentive, when needing to do firm sleep every day even throughout the day because your physics demand it from you and it can't be skipped for more than a day, no-one of them knows what it's like when body parts start to hurt from even doing trivial things, when your senses become weaker or too sensitive to take too much stimulation, and no-one of them knows that feeling when you notice the set of things you were able to do a few years ago and now simply can't anymore. No-one can judge that impression from the outside until he gets to experience it himself when your body starts to show behavior like he's 60 years old, but you roughly only have half of that number on your age counter - the discrepancy between mind and the flesh that upholds it.
For the first time ever, I really wish Livejournal had a "Like" button, cuz I'd hit that a million times with your reply.