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* Sleep 14 hours straight.

* Get up because it is hot and my joints ache.

* Think "Wow! 14 hours! That'll keep me going for a while!"

* Three hours later - "I don't care how hot it is or how much I hurt, that bed looks like the best thing evaaah...."

Sometimes I can't sleep at all.

Sometimes I can't stay awake at all.

Can't win for losin'.

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Hm... It seems like a constant increased level of tiredness, or rather I'd say: An increased level of getting tired.
You get tired earlier than others. This is not even nessecarily a need of sleep, but rather a need of rest and the rest gets done for your body and your brain through sleeping. 'Cause sleep is rest and so sleep means recharging the batteries for another few hours.
In fact, if it is exactly that, you can be sure you won't get rid of this again anymore. It's a consequence from this systematic disease. You have to rest / sleep more than other people that don't have it. Just because your batteries can run out of energy much easier and earlier than those of others. Or - how can you express it too? -: It's like a weakness in the substance. But this weakness in the tissue can't be pushed to higher limits like trained muscles whose power grows if you do something with them and make them grow. It can't be because it's more, in the effect, like a spinal disk that originally had been formed too thin to last for an entire life. Or bowlegs that cause problems. Can't just put anything on it or cut something from it and it is in a state like everyone else's...
Only this weakness in the tissue is not a birth defect, but it already is a consequence of disease that can't be erased. So it can't be improved as the core disease still keeps taking place.