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Note To Self: Exceedingly loud temper tantrums thrown on LJ concerning lupus might be influenced by building and brewing bodily troubles, such as dehydration or infection.

In other words: I passed out today, went to the ER, and found out I was dehydrated and have an infection. Luck against all luck, I wasn't admitted and was sent home with meds.

So that explains why I was so unhappy.

Or at least, unhappier.
Dehydration you need to take care of obviously. (Maybe has to do with the kidney issue?)

As for all the infection stuff: If your body can get used to the steady medication, without big dosage adjustings to the main medication that affects the immune system, then this getting sick so often also will become less. Immune system keeps aligning to this after a longer amount of time.
When it's the same for, let's say. a year or so, then this effect will be there.
Cortisol metabolism, immune system and ongoings in the spinal marrow are some of those things in the body that take very long to experience change when something's wrong or something's new in there.