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* Does anyone remember when businesses used to open up at 8 AM? Now it seems they all open at 9 AM. This is fine and dandy if you wake up at 8 AM. For someone like me, who is often awake hours before? It just means more aimless waiting around for the clock to tick forward.

* We've (as in my psych and me) have discussed adjustments to my psych meds, Matrix, except we are all out of medications to try. I can't have anti-depressants, I've reacted EXTREMELY poorly to every anti-psychotic we've tried, and too many benzo's is a bad idea in general.

There's simply no other class of drug to try. The most we are able to do right now is to make a regular schedule of taking my Xanax daily, instead of just waiting for the next anxiety attack to hit me first.

So we'll try that. It seems to be helping, as I have managed to sleep over the last couple of days.

* Cats + loose stacks of paper = a veritable hailstorm on my carpet. Cats, WWHHHYYYY?

* There are food pantries to go to, it's just that being as it's all donations, there's rarely things there that I can eat (at least in full.) You never know what's going to be in the pantry when you get there. But today, being as we were literally out of everything but a can of expired black beans and two eggs, I hit three food pantries.

I got exceedingly lucky. There were plenty of foods I could eat, even more foods that would make an acceptable, small side dish with, along with even MORE food that Jesse could eat.

* Spoons all spent for the day, but now we have food for the next two weeks. WORTH IT.

* Also managed a stop at a grocery store for milk, a dollar store for cold medication for Jesse, and scooped out kitty boxes and did dishes, including clearing out the fridge and washing all the tupperware in it.

* Good day. Productive day. Damn good, productive day. Now for a good, productive nap.

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It would almost have to be an unofficial thing, but if you spoke to the people who worked at the pantries you might be able to work out a system where you called in the morning to find out if they had stuff you could eat. From my experience volunteering I could tell you it would've depended on who you talked to there.

But, you're very personable, you know how to ask for help, and afaik you're not just looking for what would be perceived as the "best" and the "expensive" stuff.
Sigh, then it seems like this is the way it must remain... If anything happens, caused by the mania the prednisone creates in you, just put the finger at it "I'm put on this stuff because I've got this and this disease, I've been talking like a thousand times it has some very bad mental effects on me, but I seem to be like talking to walls - they always put me on it again despite the effect". Just plain "doctor says so, protesting didn't help me, so don't put the blame on me for what it does - I've done my part in warning".
Doesn't sound like a good idea, but cutting it down and removing it from the medication table yourself almost killed you, so better nothing to mess around with or doing experiments. As hard as it is.

If the sleep problem rather can be solved as a stand-alone thing, then rather stick with this. This seems easier then.

I think with people that have to take a lot of medication daily - anytime it's that picture that you get to experience. Some symptoms can't be treated; some days they kick in hard, other days are better days.
As for that, those people aren't active in the normal job market here anymore 'cause you absolutely can't do this with them. (I know the US has very different viewpoints in this...)
Does anyone remember when businesses used to open up at 8 AM? Now it seems they all open at 9 AM.

Businesses—like stores? Because here in NYC, a normal opening time for a store might be 10 AM—think Macy's and Bloomingdale's—while for a small hole-in-the-wall boutique it might be noon. A grocery store might open at 8 AM, unless it's a specialty grocery store. And The Baroness, who runs a fetish boutique, opens at 1 PM.

I think the consensus here is that people would rather shop later, and hit the stores after work rather than before.