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The Grim Reaper is missing.

Okay, the light cast on the wall off the apartment across the way that LOOKS like The Grim Reaper is missing.The porch light is off, therefore no pareidolia for my mind to design what is simply a wall reflecting a light. It's plenty creepy, though. Hooded, arms outstretched, nearly translucent at the bottom, as if he were rising from the grave.

It makes me a little anxious, even knowing how silly it is to be afraid of what is literally a shadow. He is not there this morning, though, and I am relieved.

Jesse speaks in his sleep, the sound muffled by his CPAP, but definitely there. Tossing and turning as well. He's been having nightmares lately. I wish I could shove my hand into his brain and pull out all the messy parts that plague him, that keep him from sleeping.

But I'm pretty sure that would kill him and murder is pretty illegal. Also messy. And generally immoral. All things that make murder a disastrous plan for getting rid of things.

Still, I wish I could ease his mind. I know what it is to be tortured by your own mind while asleep. I wish I could stop his torture in his sleep.

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"....murder is pretty illegal. Also messy."

It doesn't have to be messy. The illegal part you're mostly stuck with, though.

Actually, the (not so) funny thing is that this was sort of the idea behind lobotomies, cutting out the part of the brain that causes the bad behaviors, feelings, etc (and I am *not* suggesting this for Jesse at all, this is more about the odd connections my brain make at times.)