A friend in need....

A bath and some Tramadol gave me enough relief to actually sleep last night. 5 hours, mind you. I'm still wearing my sunglasses, mind you. But a restful sleep.

I've also an idea. Jesse and I have a friend who is in much the same place as I am. I've got an intake at a new mental health place on Monday, as my old one isn't giving me quite the care I need.

I'm going to offer to that friend to come with me. I can even stagger our appointments so that I can sit in the back of his for moral support. Our reasons for needing the help are different, but we both sit in the same place everyday: fighting despair, sadness overwhelming, and a complete loss of self identiy. Our friend seems to lose this fight every day. I lose most days.

I can't save him. I can't save everyone or even anyone. I'm not always sure I can even save myself. But I can make an offer, something that will be easy for me and possibly helpful for him.

Back to bed. More sleep. More rest. Less sunglasses.

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