What do you get when -

you have one Teressa, three ER trips in four days, and nothing to show for it?

A me. A very, very pissed off me.

ER TRIP ONE: High blood pressure, hitting the 160's/117's, which all the websites tell you to go to the ER. Doctor says I just need to see my GP.

I develop a migraine, thus missing the GP appt.

ER TRIP TWO: A different hospital. Blood pressure spikes to 184/124. Doc says he can't give me anything, as my labs are mostly normal, but here, take a couple of Benadryl. (Thanks, doc. Why don't I come in next time with a severed limb and you just hand me a bandaid? Perfect.)

ER TRIP THREE: This morning. Go in on my FOURTH day of the migraine. Blood pressure reads 176/113. Beg for a migraine cocktail and something to handle the pain between now and my GP appointment - two weeks from now.

Get neither. The migraine medication given, a shot of something starting with D and a dose of zofran, was enough to stop the migraine, though it will only be temporary. They don't give pain medication for headaches because...I don't know. Probably some spectacularly practical medical reason that just also happens to be terrible for patients who need it.

Whatever. Still nauseas. Will to try to eat. Feels a hell of a lot better to throw up food than bile.

Was released an hour an half later with a blood pressure reading of 188/127. No one seems concerned.

Back to "If they don't care, then I don't care, either."

So I'll just deal with the migraines by staying in bed because I'm incapacitated, keep listening to Jesse saying "If you had just gone to the GP when you were originally supposed to go-"

(Because that one, even WITHOUT the migraine that would have made me vomit profusely, without proper income documentation, would have been a 100 dollar copay. Tell you what, Jesse, why don't YOU pull a random 100 dollars out of your ass and take me next time?

What's that? Can't do it? Then shut the fuck up and quit telling me that missing these very medically important - AS IF I DIDN'T ALREADY FUCKING KNOW BY THE FUCKING SPLITTING PAIN IN MY SKULL - are bad for my health.)

So yeah, I'll just keep doing this until my BP hits 200, which likely won't take more than another week and then they'll admit me and the whole roller coaster will begin again.

At least this time it'll just put me in the hospital, not the psych ward.

Gotta look on the brightside, right motherfuckers?

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Hm... Not saying never heard of such, in my view, irresponsible behavior from the side of the ER docs here...
Meaning, the numbers you present, that's reason enough to act or at least offer you "okay, stay here for two or three days to let us check you out". Running around with high blood pressure like that's going to kill you sooner or later or result in severe heart problems that might also lead to infarct.
The doctor couldn't care less where your high data comes from, it's within that span that can't be excused with lots of stress, wrong diet and can be fixed by adjusting these two factors.
I'm playing major catch-up here, but this sounds like a nightmare. A couple of thoughts...

First, are you sure the migraine isn't from the high blood pressure? My mother has had similar problems controlling her blood pressure for years and when it shoots up she get's very bad headaches, nausea, and she even needs to avoid bright light.

The other crazy thing is, in the US at least, theEmergency Room protocol for HBP is to send a person home and refer them to their primary care physician unless they are actually having a stroke or some other acute issue. And yes that sounds as batshit crazy to me as it probably does to you.

I hope they find a way to get it down and keep it down :(