Also, McDonalds makes me cry

Which is terribly silly, as I can't imagine why McDonald's would make anyone cry. (Sans anti-fast food zealots, of which I am far from. I fucking LOVE fast food.)

This happens ONLY at McDonald's, not in any other fast food joint I might be stopping in at. And this ONLY happens when I'm eating alone at McDonalds. But sure as shit, if I'm there by myself, listening to whatever concoction of soft pop and country they've got playing over the speakers, I find myself fighting tears.

Every. Damn. Time. For some reason, eating alone at McDonalds prompts feelings of loneliness, depression, resignation, and even despair.

But ONLY at McDonalds. Only there. Not at Burger King or Jack in the Box or anywhere else where the food is fast, cheap, and as equally bad for you. I can eat alone anywhere else and feel just fine, or even feel joy at being able to indulge in fast food.

Just not at McDonalds.

I dun get it.

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Going to a McDonald's for me brings up some pleasantly nostalgic feelings about a McDonald's in Champaign, Illinois that I'd frequent often, nearly always alone, while I was in college.
Well, I used to work there, so it makes sense to me; but if you didn't, I have no explanation.
For me, it's eating alone at Waffle House. Started when I was pregnant with my eldest, so I thought it was just a combo of hormones and country music.

Ummmm...said child is turning 20 in May, and I'm still crying. Guess not.
Curiosity -- Did this start before or after McDonald's was a regular thing with David?