I just figured out what "Tomb Raider" means

I just realized I greatly disapprove of Laura Croft's profession. She's a tomb raider. She raids tombs. She's a goddamn grave robber. I find this morally repugnant. Even as technically, the dead are dead and no longer have use for the things they were entombed with. STILL, I find it utterly reprehensible.

I've resolved this inner conflict by telling myself that surely she hands over a few things to museums or scientists for study.

Still. Grave robbing. Not cool, no matter how sexy you look doing it.

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There was also a point where I was playing one of the two recent games, where I was stalking a patrol of guys through a forest. Guys who hadn't really wronged me all that much. And I brutally murdered them one by one and left their corpses hidden in the bushes. Where I stopped and thought to myself, geezus, Lara really is a complete psychopath isn't she.
If you really want a psychopath...Trevor in GTA5 fits the bill nicely. I'm not going to ruin it for you, but he's truly insane!