Question for ya'll about LJ's new developments

There's been an influx of people moving from LJ to DW due to LJ implementing new policies. I saw there was a new Terms of Service and just clicked Yes because I was tired as shit.

Was there something offensive or worrisome I missed in all that fine print??? Did I somehow give away the content of my own writing to some massively creepy Putin-esque corporation or something????

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You agreed to abide by the laws of the Russian federation. You agreed not to use LJ to solicit political donations.

The reason for the exodus is mostly I think due to the Russians laws about it being illegal to promote homosexuality.
One of the things that tipped it for me was that they made a point to say that the official TOS was written in Russian and since what we were reading was a translation and if there were any conflict, what was written in Russian takes precedence.

If I can't read it in English with some assurance as to the accuracy of what I am agreeing to, that's a sign I need to make sure my back door is wide open in case I decide to flee screaming.

What worries me the most is that my late partner's LJ is on here as a memorial and I think I'm going to have to go through each post and copy it.
You can import whole LJ journals to DW, though you'll need your partner's LJ password. (And I understand there is a bit of a queue at the moment.)

You can also download software to archive LJs & keep a copy of it wherever you want. I used ljarchive a few years ago & it worked seamlessly, but I see from comments at the download site that it might have broken since then. There are other archiving options like ALJ and ljcolligo, but I've never used them myself. They might save you a truckload of work.
Oh yes, I hadn't thought about the problem of backing up LJs in memorial status. You're right, that's definitely something to think about. I mean, I'm sure we all hope that SUP wouldn't just turn off the lights one morning without warning users, but... it's sort of exactly the kind of thing I wouldn't be surprised about if they did do it.
That's sort of the problem. He died 10 years ago (as of about a week ago as a matter of fact) so I don't have it and I don't think anyone else does either. The nice thing with a memorial account was that it was supposed to be there forever to read and leave notes on.

I can't get an answer as to whether they will maintain them or blow them away after 6 months so the only way I can be sure to keep it is to print it out.
You agreed not to post anything that is pro-LGBT or anti-Russian government
Pretty sure I've broken both those rules in years past, and I'm not about to go deleting or editing now.
Oh man, this could be such trouble for LJ, which has a hyyyuge liberal and pro-gay community on here. Damn.