I'm sooo gonna start reading the fine print now

Ohhh geeeez. I hadn't realized AT ALL that THAT bullshit was what I was agreeing to. I'm already on DW and automatically cross posting to LJ, but LJ comments don't cross post onto DW.

And I can't lose all of the comments from you guys. I just can't. There are SO MANY TIMES that I'll go back years in my journal, read a comment, and go OMG I JUST GOT THAT!. It's a tool I can never give up.

I'll have to figure out a way to back all this up, since deleting my DW and just recopying the entire thing will take days and leave me to manually search for all my DW contacts. (DW is smart and always opens its doors for free when LJ has a major upset, but there's a long line piling up, I've heard).


That's what I've used in the past. It opens in Adobe Reader as a full PDF, comments and everything. I'm not sure if it's still a viable tool, though I'll find out later when I try to use it.

Livejournal is my home. I'll be here until they turn off the lights for good. But this is such an uncertain set of rules to be posting under that for the first time in 13 years, I'm wondering if I'll have to find a new home.

Like you said, Cinema - leave a back door wide open in case you have to flee screaming.

Besides, there's only ONE Federation that's ever been worthy of such a name. That name? Star Fleet. Go meet some Romulans and maybe, just maybe, I'll be happy to apply the word "federation" to a country.

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Currently it takes a while until entries and comments are through the queue because so many set up their backups over there, but unless something funny happens, they all should carry over in the end.
This can be done even after one has once done an import or when crossposting.

Quite a bunch of people are over there on dreamwidth under their names they already had here.
Good hub to check for that is the sticky post of community 2017revival, as they gather together a list of people who announce they're on the service too and which want others from LJ to find them there too.

If not that, paying attention to the footers of entries of other people also gives indication that and where they can be found there.

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Dreamwidth will eventually import all entries and it says it can do comments as well. I wonder if that is true as I don't see how they would import an LJ comment without the LJ account, but we shall see.
I have imported all my entries (with comments) to dreamwidth, consider making a secondary account just to do that to preserve comments. I also use the application LJArchive as a personal backup.

I'm gonna add you on DW the next time I log in, and probably make a post here redirecting my friends there. Sucks, but I don't know that I'm comfortable posting on LJ anymore. End of an era :/
Does ljarchive still work? I haven't used in for a while & I'm thinking it'll be good to keep more up-to-date personal copy. The comments at the download site suggests it doesn't work (for everyone) anymore?

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It was fussy for a while, I'm not certain if I messed with something in the registry to fix it or installed a fix manually but it works fine for me. If you have an issue with it you should be able to google whatever error it's given you and some good samaritan will have patched up a fix.