Infernal questions

Wake up stupid early. (2:30 AM) Do a whole bunch of chores because shit needs cleaned.

Think to myself that I will wait until Walmart opens at 7 AM to do the short shopping run I need today. (There's a Walmart only five minutes from my home, but it is one of the few who have not been converted to being open 24 hours.)

Realize, belatedly, at 5:00 AM that I am exhausted and will likely not be safe to drive at 7 AM.

Go to another, further Walmart and do my shopping at 5:15 AM.

Come home and ask myself two frustrating, infernal daily questions:

(1) Do I want to go to sleep?


(2) Do I have the energy to do anything BUT sleep?


Back to bed, hopefully to catch more hours and more effective hours of sleep than I had last night. (About 4 hours.)

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