Things that I like, Things that I don't (Post whoooring)

* DON'T LIKE: That a wasp flying particularly close to me turns me into the sassy black woman stereotype.

* DO LIKE: The new ambient sound that Jesse found for us to sleep to instead of the rain sound we'd previously been using. It's simply a single tone, a low rumbling. It's meant to mimic the sound of a spaceship engine. I fall asleep imagining myself in the crew quarters of The Normandy.

* NOT SURE IF I WILL LIKE: Having to fall in love with a ton of new people, new ships, and new races on Mass Effect 4: Andromeda. It's a lot of work. But silly and dangerous as it may be, I TRUST Bioware. I hope I find myself as emotionally invested in the new game as I did in my previous, beloved Mass Effect games.

* DO LIKE: How excited I am to watch Jesse finish playing the video game "Nier" (NO SPOILERS! Jesse reads comments sometimes and I don't want him to have it ruined.) I've wiki'd a few side quests for him and have come upon the main plot line, which looks FUCKING AWESOME. I've left a few threads untouched (like, seriously, what is the Shadowlord?), but overall, I'm very excited to see how the game presents the ending information.

* DON'T LIKE: People who refuse to play newer video games due to reasons such as "the newer games are too easy" or "they're too flashy". Puh-lease. Ever play "Dark Souls"? That game WANTS you to die. Relentlessly. No easy about it. And flashy? Ooooh noooez! People are embracing the power of new technology to create brighter, more complex and realistic (or unrealistic) worlds! WE SHALL HAVE NONE OF THIS WITCHERY, THOU OF THE PURE NINTENDO THUMB!

I'm not going to be that asshole who plays Final Fantasy VII 27 times and claims that nothing will ever beat Aerith dying. Even Tomb Raider these days has some seriously sob-worthy moments.

And non-hexagonal boobs. How in the world could you be against THAT?

* DO LIKE: My return, shaky as it is, to doing my nails. And a willingness to try out spring colors instead of just darker colors.

* DO LIKE: That I was able to have four, FOUR! jumbo sized, fried shrimp (all in the same meal!) and not have my stomach melt down from it.

* DO LIKE: Post whoring. Most days, at least.

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I think a good reason to detest newer games is because they all turn controls into rocket science.
Games once were intented to turn off your brain, not to learn again how to use a dozen keys and then the combinations you can do with all of them.
The worst it is with PC games. Was it originally the purpose for a PC game to... make you buy a controller to comfortably play it?! No, the shit shouldn't require more than a joystick / mouse could perform and a keybord would be able to give. Every game beyond using a dozen keys and key-combinations on the keyboard is downright not user-friendly.
And even if you can play using your brain directly in a distant future - fuck, it was all about relaxing, not getting stressed through another reality that wants to get a piece of me! If one wanted to get stressed through playing real-life-like simulations, then he'd play the Sims....
I have to admit I dislike PC games. I simply don't have big enough hands or enough hand eye coordination to keep up with ten keyboard combos and a mouse at the same time.

I'm a console gamer, through and through.

I think some stress during gaming is worth it, IF the storyline is good enough. Like Dark Souls? Too much stress for me for a game that is mostly hack n' slash. Mass Effect, which involves a great deal of combat and button pushing, has such an involved storyline that it makes the effort feel earned.

And lol, yeah, I never understood the appeal of Sims or other such world building games. Give me something fantastic and epic, not something that includes pondering about where to place the toilet.
These days I only have to do with gaming on PC - well, this also includes emulator usage. So, also playing console games. ;) With fucking keyboard!
Well, admittedly, for this I often compile me my own set of keys that is easy to use, easy to grab at most. For pure PC games, if possible, doing the same too. Once learned that through a game like Shadow Man, that even creepy games get half-way manageable mentally if you just have a feeling of knowing how to help yourself. So that's why easy controls are a major thing to have.

Good stories to play through I don't reject too, only hate it if they put in massive side-questing only to have certain items that you can go on with the main game or at least get way easier through it.
Already started to annoy me in Final Fantasy X (and that was released only in the getting-started episode of the PS2 - where they just got started with such things!).
That's why I never mind it playing with savestates in the console emulators. Makes some annoying things easier (even though they often also still stay annoying).
OMG! I was scrolling down and saw this, but only the top, and I thought it was a baby's backside! LOL!!!