Awww shit

It's gonna be one of those down and downer days. The kind where my only hope of survival is to wrap myself under five blankets, shut my eyes really tight, and try not to make any sudden movements.

How do I know? By themselves, Melanie Martinez or Icon For Hire aren't necessarily indicative of grand emotional upheaval. Mix the two? Maybe add in some specifically about the crazy?

I keep crying, hoping to empty it all out. Clear my soul like a tsunami washing out the overpopulated cities and overworking nuclear reactors. There's never enough energy to cry it all out, though, and so it only comes out in the mornings, alone and afraid.

And it's never enough.

I'll rest today. Drink more water. Part of the dehydration is that I keep misjudging the content capacities of the glasses I drink water out of and part of it is that different meds (changed out twice a month, it seems) require different amounts of water. It's like trying to balance on a unicycle with one broken leg and a goddamn anvil tied to the other leg.

So fine. Like Melanie says, let's spill it all out. I don't give a fuck anymore if anyone calls me a crybaby.

Icon For Hire:

"Recovery time, a condition like mine,
What are we talking here?
Make me better!!
Tell me who I’m supposed to be
Tell me who I’m supposed to...


"Maybe it's a cruel joke on me
Whatever, whatever.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to,
Cry if I want to!
I'll cry until the candles burn down this place.
I'll cry until my pity party's in flames!

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