Also to my British Folks -

You guys have created the MOST AWESOME COOKING SHOW EVAH. "The Great British Baking Show". Pat, Jesse, and I are all fans, as it is one of the sweetest, most adorable competitive shows we've ever seen. Even the scripted-in tension is polite!

(Are British and Europeans in general really just that polite or is it that Americans are really just that brash and loud?)

Anyway, beside from being a good show about cooking, it's just amazingly comforting and relaxing to watch.

Also, I've never had a "trifle." I didn't even know such a thing existed. But after watching the episode where they baked trifles, I MUST HAVE ONE BEFORE I DIE. A real, official, cooked-in-Ye-Olde-Motherland trifle.

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Generally yes, Brits are just that polite, and Americans are that brash.

Trifle is awesome. We have a death trifle every christmas, which is chocolate custard and mascarpone and raspberries and sponge and cream and oh god so many calories but it's so good.