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I feel infinitely better this morning. It's always a 50/50 gamble on whether or not sharing the insanity is going to make me better or else just trap me further in my own quicksand.

I'm still figuring out the balance between passion and obsession, be it a positive or negative emotion. I know there are times when one has to dive into the the swampy bogs to drag out the bones of whatever is rotting inside of your soul. I know there are times when you have to take the first plane out to Florida and soak up the sun and lose yourself in hotties walking around in bikinis. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. I can barely feed myself, let alone travel.)

It's just that I'm not very good at distinguishing which is the appropriate response. One of those "life-long" lessons I'll be learning and relearning with every year that passes. So I do the the only thing I know how to do it about it.

I write about it. I write about it and is the only way I WANT to know how to do. So writing it is.

And did...did one of the cats just puke into my house-slippers? Like, puke way down INSIDE of the toes?! Yes. Yes, they just did. *sigh* Time to shake out the shoes and put on socks.

I've decided the dance I want to learn, the one goal I had set for myself when I got sick to learn within a year. I want to learn the Shuffle Dance. It seem silly, but it's kind of the modern man's tap-dancing. Like these girls, only with ALL OF THE GLOWING SHOES IN THE WORLD. LIKE, ALL OF THEM. (Sadly, Harley Quinn is not featured in the video, despite the thumbnail.)

Plus, wearing a blue wolf's head would be pretty cool, too.

It's almost 4 AM. I've been awake since 2 AM due a headache. I shopping to do and won't be safe to drive for much longer. I should go on and get that shit done while I still can. Hopefully I can come home and crash right back into bed for another few hours. Sometimes I get lucky like that.

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