Nine cats. one 500 square foot studio

Anxiety dreams are good for one thing and one thing only: Catapulting me out of bed to frantically clean and thus burn off the extra, jittery, energy.

Speaking of cat - it turns out the youngest was older than we thought and now Pip is a week away from dropping kittens. That would make it 9+ cats in a 500 square foot studio.

With, furniture taken into account, really equals about 200 feet.

9 or more cats. 200 feet of living space.

I am getting super stressed. Shelters won't take in the kittens until they are weaned and I can't give up Pip. It's not her fault she is pregnant. I'll call shelters and see what they recommend.

I'm a bad cat owner. I didn't get Rupert fixed in time and there will soon be the very real danger of a huge, human foot trying to get to the bathroom accidentally crushing a kitten skull.

That's my biggest concern. That the kittens will be injured by sheer lack of space.

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You ever experienced what it's like when a cat becomes a mother?
It will rather be like, when she declares the bathroom the safe space for her offspring, you gonna be happy if you can enter and leave the bathroom alive.
Really, it is so.
This remains the status until they've grown a bit, a few weeks or so, I think until they have their eyes opened and can maneuver around on their own. Until then... cat mother fights whoever comes close to them like a real tiger. And then she doesn't see that you're her servant, you're like one of many creatures who want anything evil from their offspring...
The shelters are now filled with unwanted kittens you might try to find forever homes instead of bringing them there.Also Mama cat will be in heat soon after they are born you might want to get your boy fixed. Call local shelters and ask about low fee spay & neutering clinics.
Where is your cat's favorite hiding place? I'm curious, simply because I remember when my grandmother's cat had a litter. She was an outside cat, and liked to hide under the front porch. When she had her kittens, they were born under the porch. She felt safe under there, and so did the kittens.