Bruises and glue


Even if I don't remember it, there are always tell-tale signs of an ICU visit that linger. Glue marks from medical pads that take a week and a half to come off. Bruises on hands and arms from rushed IV's shoved into already weak veins.

Leftovers and wounds that trickle through the weeks afterwards, where I tilt my head in the mirror and wonder where in the hell I got that.

Memory gaps aside, I guess if I were ever unsure, all I'd have to do is look in the mirror and I'd know then.

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It took me years to figure out where some of my scars came from; I have a splint scar on the top of my left foot, and I have no memory of being in traction or there having been pins in my leg—because I was comatose.

Then again, I've always gotten bruises and not been able to remember how I got them—just because I'm clumsy.