Why yes, I am dramatic. To a fault. Like, literally.

I was told, due to an art project in the psych ward, that I had quite a beautiful flair for the dramatic.

I laughed, saying that it is a double edged blade. Quite good for creating beautiful things. Quite terrible for making dramatic mental health scenes.

I'm feeling the need to make a hell of a bloody, dramatic mess this morning.

So I asked a few people for money to dye my hair some crazy color, bleach be damned. Someone should respond soon, and maybe blue or green can be my drama this morning instead of melted, smeared red on a bathtub.

I just hope it gets heard soon.

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~Why~ do you want to make a dramatic statement this morning?
I'm not sure. Boredom. My skin not feeling right being so...clear. A part of me that doesn't feel fixed enough to be fixed right now.

Probably all of the above. Which means attempting distraction today.
Sounds plausible, yes. If boredom, then, at least you can do something about that. Distracting techniques are always good for mental health.

Glad the hair worked out well.
if it helps, Jesse is up. Harder to get enough private time to make a mess if he's around. Blessing for me. It's fucking with his sleep schedule, though. Bad thing for him.