Post every goddamn day, even if I have nothing to say

I used to be a sun worshiper. Not a tanner, mind you. Life-long, aging goth sounding off here. But I used to love to spend all day out in the summer sun, the heat oppressive, the colors nearly psychedelic with the brightest light of the year.

Lupus has changed that. The sunlight literally drains the life out of me nowadays. Melanoma gets tagged as dead cells and so my body does its best to shove those cells into the garbage compactor. "Don't just stand there! Do something!" But the only stick I have to shove between the closing grates is sunscreen, which keeps the problem at a lazy bay but doesn't eliminate it.

So, to be on the safe side...and to be on the sane side....I've been making active efforts to socialize after the sun goes down. Cool thing?

It works. Both avoiding the sun and socializing. I haaate going out. Stepping out the door makes me roll my eyes. Coming back inside, my eyes are right where they are supposed to be and I've always unexpectedly enjoyed myself.

Gotta get some selfies up. The hair color turned out very pretty. A wonderful violet/lavender. Thank you again, Michael.

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