A tribute to all of you

"I'm counting on hearts like yours to keep me burning...
You be bright when I'm starting to rust
You be why behind the what

I'm counting on hearts like yours to help remind me
Keep ignoring the white noise behind me
Don't ever let them water me down!

Will you tell me when it isn't enough?
And never let me live halfway
I'm counting on hearts like yours to get me through it

I'm a fighter now let me prove it!
Don't ever let me water it down!

But I will never let go
Never let up my hold
'Cause I know
Once you feel it you can't unfeel it,
Once you dream it you can't undream it!

Some things are not as they seem
Holding on tight to yesterday's dream
Some things are worth fighting for

Thirteen years of this here, of collecting the hearts and souls of each of you, everything that each of you bring to the table, beautiful and different, nuanced and screaming, that keep me going. The days I can't stop writing, the weeks of silence that make you all worry, the words that leap off the page, talking themselves into existence with hurricane and fire.

Those of who you only read, those who comment, those who circle around this spinning gyroscope only once in a while. Never forget the role you all play here, invaluable and needed like air.

My gratitude for each of you rages like oceans. Drown in it, treading in it, swim in it, I need it all.

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