A way to avoid scarring myself: Appeal to my long-held and ridiculously prized vanity

I think I've figured out a way to help combat both boredom and dramatic, self-destructive actions. It works for 2 year olds and it seems to work for this 36 year old, too. PLAY DRESS UP! So now the idea is to learn all kinds of neat vanity tricks and show the world. I got it down for my nails. Now let's try other things.

And Girlyswirl, I can definitely get some kind of playlist, though a lot of can hit melancholy spots. Or it's whimsical about the Crazy. Is that okay? It is so good to have another soldier standing with me on these front lines. Thank you for being here.

So, to get through a really strange place in my head this morning, despite my actual hair ALREADY being purple, I played a bit of dress up.

Remember last year how I lost over half my hair and I was sure I'd be bald by September? That thankfully didn't happen, but I was prepared and bought a few wigs. WARNING: TOTAL NEWB AT THIS. Going to be watching tons of Youtube videos on how to make it all look more naturally placed. Anyone have any tips or videos to share on how to make wig placement look more natural?

(Oh, and product placement: WET N WILD'S glitter makeup IS ACTUALLY GLITTERY AND STAYS ON. It's not just a top coat of glitter in the case, but glitter the whole way through. MUCH LOVE, WET'N'WILD)

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You are already looking glamorous, doll. (Sorry; that just seemed appropriate. My headvoice was a dimestore private detective.)

You have such great, natural looks and everything you attempt just highlights this.
Hm... I guess when you touch them, you feel that it's fake hair, right?
Otherwisely, only on the photos, it doesn't actually look - for my eye - too much like artificial hair.
Just only like some woman liked to dye her hair in an unusual (bright) color.
I think there are much worse party wigs than this...
Seeing you in a dress, even if it's just in 2D?

...First time for everything.