So goes the thought process:

* Have one of those inexplicable nights where your meds take hoooours to hit you.

* Roll out bed, disgusted by boredom.

* Hit youtube. Watch College Humor videos until your eyes stop seeing comedy actors and start seeing young 20-ish kids poking fun at social issues that you only think of in passing.

* Get even MORE bored.

* Contemplate listening to music. Curse your inability to listen to happy music.

* Scour your playlists for calming music, knowing that it won't budge the meds or your moods in the slightest.

* Contemplate reading a book. Realize your glasses have gone the way of the dodo and you couldn't find them with a glasses-scrying machine a mile wild. Also curse your inability to read because you're that fucking tired anyways.

* Realize part of this is because you're on the rag. Curse that bitch Eve and try to ignore the lower back that feels like it's exploding out of your torso.

* Fuck it. Put on calming music. Write a Livejournal entry. Realize you will be up till midnight with nothing to show for it.


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I think of you getting up in the morning - for whatever value of "morning" - and I wonder if it looks like this:

Sorta related:

TL;DR: can haz music!

My music library is in a more-or-less happy place... AND I have a fuckton of EP- and radio-length EDM that I scraped off of a random web folder one time, but haven't curated yet. Over the past several months I've found this stream highly rewarding, even if I'm not always fond of the way their DJs and IDs cut into the music sometimes. That outlet has a ton of old podcasts lying around, and yoink!

I've also come by all of Cake's albums, by the by. You would like, if you haven't previously experienced.

Anyway, there's no reason why I can't pull together a jumpdrive and send it all to you, up to and including copious amounts of arbitrary radio-cut EDM and New Wave albums of all sorts. You have an idea of the scope of my library, and it's only gotten bigger.

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