Science and how it redeems itself

I think I've discovered the core issue of my life-long migraines - and it's ridiculously basic.

High blood pressure.

Since the worst of them only happen when I forget to take them (my potassium blocker, for some reason, always ends up the "forget to take it till mid-afternoon" list), and I now know I've had high blood pressure for most of my life, it's easy enough to pinpoint the largest cause.

Just a few pills and for the most part, my skull stays exactly where it is and does not explode into boney-shards waves of pain. I do still GET migraines, but those are now either stress related, (usually when I am having bad or anxiety dreams) or "Oh shit, I forgot my pills. Goddamnit."

The wonders of modern medicine. I'd say I'm surprised no one caught it, but outside of two urgent-care clinics (basically one-time doctor visits which do not have access to full medical equipment or personnel), I hadn't been to a doctor in 20 years. There was no one there TO catch it.

Lack of health insurance, mostly. I saw little reason to go to an ER as they always said "Go to your doctor", of which thanks to having no health insurance, I didn't have a doctor to go to.

One time I went in hoping to get sent to rehab, but SURPRISE, my small town's single rehab center did not take methamphetamine addicts, as they did not believe it was a physical addiction.

(Thank fucking God we know better now.)

Seriously, the 90's sucked so hard for some of this medical/psychiatric shit. Mad props to anyone who had to get help for physical or mental health in earlier decades. I mean, FOR REALS.

And even now, in 2017, we are still waiting on science to catch up on so much stuff. Why do epilepsy drugs work for bipolar disorder? Not a fucking clue. Is lupus family-based genetically passed? Not a fucking clue. What REALLY causes addiction, and why do support groups work only some of the time? Not a fucking clue.

Shit like that. I'm exceedingly grateful that we know so much more now. I'm exceedingly exasperated that we don't know MORE than we do now.

But I guess that's science. EUREKA moments are made-for-tv only and the rest of us have to live in Real Life. I guess, for today, that's okay.

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Claim the same thing about 90s medical system.
Know a fat kid, which got problems with feeling like puking as it was in the 4th grade. It happened all of a sudden, later also stopped all of a sudden after a few weeks (?).
Back then, all the doctors were creating a fuzz about was diabetes because diabetes is the only shit that fat kids can get (hahaha... *mocks*).
The kid became sick again as it reached adulthood. Different symptoms.
Result: It's got multiple scleroris, NOT diabetes.

Yeah... And all that for, it had to take being send to a special hospital for diabetes patients for about 2 weeks, as it was a child, and being constantly lectured on its eating behavior, steadily getting caused fear of doing the wrong thing, eating the wrong thing, and always getting accused like it doesn't cooperate within the treatment.
All that crap and mental torture for fucking nothing...

Well, witnessing all that, don't tell anyone the kid shouldn't be angry with the doctors from back then and doctors in general if they start a similar stunt again, trying to make a fool out of you obviously.

And I don't think that's been a result of the changes in 90s in Germany through the political turnaround. This could have happened this way too also in West Germany.
Why? Because doctors seem to like always look for the obvious thing, not for WHAT'S THERE. Wanting to make the issue as easy for them as it can get.

I don't want to know how many kids also already got falsely diagnosed with ADHD and fed with the kiddie coke Ritalin. How much has that already been a new-fashioned diagnose just because adults couldn't get kids under their control (no matter if rightfully or not)? And they filled them with medication they didn't need just because doctors want to sell meds and don't really know anything in detail about the disease.
Latter thing I know from circles that this is the major problem with that disease - barely a doctor really has some profound knowledge about it, even today. That's why so many kids have it, but strangely no adults, even though ADHD is a neurological disease and if you got it, you got if for life, you need medical help with it even as an adult.
Who knows what it'll be like with all the autism diagnoses to children these days? These days this seems to be the fashion. And for all the "special needs" industry that exists, trying to turn you into IQ 80 dumb, just as special needs education works in the whole West, it's become a pretty profitable business that always needs fresh meat for grinding, so it wouldn't call it a miracle if that truly was so.
Also, it's a nice excuse for the parents to think that nothing of their style of bringing up is responsible for their kid being different from others and it's also a pretty whitewashing for society and industry that it's none of the various poisons being put into the air and into the food the kids consume daily.