I guess you could take smoking as a minor flaw. That's, like, one blood point extra, right?

Lupus and sunlight literally drains the life out of me. (Creation of melanoma = dead cells for my body to shove into the garbage can).

So I guess after all those years of being a teenager and playing Vampire: The Masquerade (Alkie Malkie, anyone?), dressing like a vampire, and wishing to be a vampire have finally come true.

And let's not forget the anemia, which equals a paleness that any vampire would be proud of.

Stupid, ridiculous, teenage Teressa.

(Said after a brief, 20 minute run in the very hot, very sunny outside to procure cigarettes. Do vampires even smoke cigarettes?)

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Isn't much better than when your skin is so sensitive that it quickly gets red and itches when you catch the slightest bit of sun rays.
Result is the same: Fuck summer and fuck, who wants to go to Mallorca?!