Random thought of the day

*sigh* Maybe I should just give up and be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl again. I even have purple hair again. It worked really well for me in my teens and even late 20's.

But GODDAMN is that a lot of work. I barely have the energy to find my OWN wonder in the moments of my life. And dudes my age who have't figured out that they are ultimately responsible for their own peace, wonder and lives just annoy the shit out of me now.

Yeah, so I guess not. Keep working on rebuilding an identity that is not pre-packaged and bought right off the shelf.


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No good can come from being an MPDG. No good at all I say! :)
The Dream Girl was certainly more entertaining.

The current, more thoughtful rendition is more likable - she induces far less frustration, even when illness sends her over the edge. In context, even those moments make some sense to those of us looking on.

...And I thought the Dream Girl was pretty neat even without her crazy, so what does that say?

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