For the record

For the record....

For the record.

For the record!

I'm feeling damn good tonight. This week has been splendid and all because of...absolutely nothing. No anxiety. No fear. Just a week of waking up, blinking in the late morning light, cup of coffee, a cigarette in hand, and feeling like the day ahead will proceed without disaster.

Is this how it's supposed to be? Cuz a girl could get used to this.

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Biochemical "euphoria"?
Well, okay, I don't wanna ruin it for you...

Might be like with the really bad days: Once in a while, they're there and you don't know what you did for it.

(Seriously, it reminds my brain of youngster days; for weeks you could feel like shit and then, suddenly, an intermezzo of optimistic mindset from nothing. Didn't last for long, and then everything was back to what it was usually. And I break that down puberty hormones and depression, perhaps combined with a lack of vitamin D.)