Random thoughts, mostly about Taylor Swift

** "I don't know if you know who you are until you lose who you are."

Immortal words of wisdom from Taylor Swift. (Hey you! Yes, you in the back! Shut up! I LIKE Taylor Swift!)

Something for me to contemplate.

** There's something to never be discounted about the adoring ways your pets can look up at you. It makes me feel so loved.

** You may be right, Matrixx. Though if I don't feel better soon, Monday I will go in for a walk-in with my doctor, and "forget" to mention that my insurance has likely been dropped. Sometimes that works.

** Jesse's listening to In This Moment. I'm listening to Taylor Swift. Sometimes the musical tastes in this household could not be more different.

** Actually, now I don't know why I didn't listen to, like, waaaaay more Taylor Swift when I was dating Rachel. Perfect bad relationship music.

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If the side effects are too hard, well, it's better consulting a doctor about it - and even if, let's say, he can only tell you "oh, that's pretty normal with this kind of stuff - this can be on the first 4-6 weeks at the beginning of the therapy". But then you know the way of the normal process at least.

Immune modification really is no easy shit. I never guessed that myself, but it turns out it is so.
That's why women can literally "die" from their pregnancy, the hormonal re-measuring, or people who do chemotherapy. 'Cause that is also knocking your immune system down to the very bottom, totally destroying it, and then rebuilding it anew. Let alone that you're more vulnerably to diseases then with a not-fully-functioning immune system too, but that effect alone is what makes it such a gamble if people with cancer may not even only die from the tumor cells directly, but also the treatment aimed at getting them gone.
I love Taylor Swift too!

Although I'm not too keen on the new single.

Thought she deserved a lot more kudos for her stand against sexual assault too, but the media and her fellow celebrities don't seem to like her much.
Technically. I've decided to try and be less of a dick and begin referring to David as Rachel and use the pronoun "she".