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Thank you so much, Rayhawk! That made tonight possible. Thank you SO MUCH! My stepsister, my brother, and Jesse and I all had dinner tonight and there is so much to say, so much to reflect on.

At the moment, what's brightest in my mind is this: Sorry, mom, but we're all talking to each other now. All five children are now on speaking terms - and all of the skeletons are spilling from the closet like a tidal wave. It's an abuser's worst nightmare. We're corroborating.

And there's nothing more powerful than when the inmates - finally free of the cold, dank cave of abuse - begin to trade stories. We are all vindicated. I am not alone and it turns out I never have been. Not in spirit, not in pain nor strength.

Morning will settle the dust with a clearer entry, but for tonight...god does it feel soooooo good.

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When my bastard father left in 2015, it wasn't long before all sorts of nasty secrets started coming out of the woodwork. That's what happens when my brothers and I get together and talk. Up until he left, I'd forgotten was an asshole he really was...and I had no idea he'd done and said many of the things he did.