Tape measures

After reading up on hoarders on r/hoarders, I remembered this picture of my apartment while David was living here. His "side" of the apartment, from the wall to the end of the air conditioner. His mess filled the space from the floor up to the plastic unit.

Out of morbid curiosity, I grabbed the tape measure, wandered over to the AC, and measured the dimensions of that area.

5 inches tall. 4 1/2 feet long. That picture is showing trash five inches deep and almost five feet long.


For some reason, I cackled as the tape measure snapped back into itself. I think, for the first time in years, I find his appalling refusal to clean after himself somewhat amusing, since the carpet in that area is now, like, visible.

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Does that even count as hoarding when it's just... fucking trash, dumped lazily all over the fucking floor?

And you know, I understand the urge to collect things. I don't understand the whole Magic thing. But I get collection. But... when I collect things... I care about the things. I don't just dump them in a giant pile of garbage on the floor to let them get trampled and folded and busted.

God. No wonder it did your head in. I couldn't have lived with that.
His family are hoarders, though he is just disgusting. And man, the wailing and screeching and cursing that would ensue when something precious got stepped on, busted up, folded, etc (which happened often). It was of truly epic proportions.

Like you said, it was all lazily dumped on the big garbage pile that was known as "The Floor." When I finally dumped him and got around to cleaning his side of the floor, I found trash and items that had been discarded six months earlier. Uuuugh.
Damned shame you didn't grab those magic cards and sell them, at least you could have recouped some of your financial losses. But then maybe the resell value isn't that great. I bet they're one of those things that can be expensive to buy, but mostly worthless to sell.
My place isn't exactly spotless right now. I've tried to keep my stuff neatly organized. But, I have two cats, and the little kitten tends to get into everything. She'll play with anything she can find, and loves paper for some reason. Little wonder that my office is always a mess, as I'm trying to go through and get rid of things.