No news is good news

When there's just not much to write about, there's just....not much to write about. The good news is that, as of late, no news IS good news. The days begin and end mildly. It's as if the Universe has decided to reward me with real, honest-to-god peace and quiet. You know, that thing that I've been wanting for, oh, I don't know, my whole fucking life.

This is truly unusual. I do not get cool-down periods. My life just doesn't work that way - and yet, here we are. It's as if some deity finally took notice of just how fucked the last year has been and went "Hey, we've been really rough on Teressa. Let's stop being an asshole to her for awhile."

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. And I'd be remiss if I said that I didn't have some tiny part of my eye focused on the sky above, keeping watch of the anvil that always seems ready to crash onto my skull. But for the most part, I'm relaxed. I have confidence in the smooth seas ahead. I'm not dashing from one end of the ship to the other, rigging the masts and loading the cannons. I'm just...sailing.

This would be the perfect opportunity for the Universe to prove me wrong, which it eventually will, because hey, Life, but still, all is well in my tiny corner of the world. I accept that my battles are wars, but holy shit, if we haven't reached some kind of truce, then I don't know what this is.

I'll worry about complacency later. For now, daaaaaamn, a girl could get used to this.

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I was gonna message you tomorrow if I hadn't seen anything new here. It'd been a bit more than a week of radio silence. I'm glad you're ok.
Hm, in that terms it sounds like the big times of unrest within yourself truly were caused by hormones.
'Cause hormones have the power of making a thing work that way...
Hooray for boring!

Missin' you 'n yer verbiage pretty bad, though.

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