Counted on

There are a few things that can be counted on. As early as the sun will rise, as west as the sun will set, you can always rely on me to:

* have a ridiculous amount of eyeliner applied, cats-eye style.

* have unevenly filled in eyebrows. (Oh, my kingdom to be ambidextrous...)

* smoke my first two cigarettes within five minutes of rolling out of bed.

* trip over cats in my groggy stumble towards those cigarettes.

* inevitably forget my coffee cup for two days on the porch table.

* and wonder how it is that the cats always manage to vomit in the most well-trafficked parts of the house.

Coffee was an integral part of my morning, but after all those months spent in the hospital (where I could consume coffee but not cigarettes, two items that used to be unbreakable parts of each other), I've managed to cut down my caffeine habit to half a cup, if any at all, a day.

Small things, but orderly things. Things that I either do or forget to do, regularly and without interruption. These are the things that make a day for Teressa possible. After over a year of not working, my mornings have become more fluid than ever, but there are still a few things that can be counted on.

Good things, indeed.

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