Voices and nail art

One of my naaaails brooookeeee....*wail. whine. whimper. more wailing* While my health continues to improve, weakened nails seems to be a permanent fixture of this Lupus thing. I put on endless coats of polish (5 coats, bare minimum) and that usually does the trick. Nature and nail-breaking-happenstance, however, are more mercurial than that. Oh well. At least it's just weak nails and not my HAIR falling out.

I decided to catch up on [personal profile] theferrett's writing and I think, as I always do when reading him, "Damn, I wish I could write like that." Glib, but with heart. Open, but with boundaries. Wise, but with a gentle acceptance of folly. Then Jesse will remind me that I write like me, and not like the Ferret, and that it is okay to write like me and not like the Ferret.

It amazes me just how quickly we can forget our own voices, or at least forget that it's alright if we HAVE different voices.

And so I wake up most mornings, unable to think of anything worthwhile putting words to, until I realize that the stumble to the porch for the morning cigarette and the pile of cat puke that is inevitably left in the hallway IS the voice of my writing. The breakfast that consists of dinner leftovers, the way my fingers start to feel numb after spending twenty minutes removing nail polish in 20 degree weather (I do the super smelly stuff outside in the mornings), gently swatting the cat off my keyboard when I back in with polish-free nails...those things are all part of my voice.

And so, okay, a lot of times my voice isn't that exciting. It doesn't pour out pretty words. It doesn't unveil pretty philosophies or profound questions. That's okay. I don't have much to say on the topic of polyamory (as the Ferret writes so poignantly on) and I don't have anything to say on the various goings-ons of gamer conventions, as the Ferret also writes beautifully on.

But maybe that's okay, because what I do write about is me and my life and the things that I find words for. That's okay.

Although, the Ferett and I do share one true love. Nails. Nails and nail art. He gets his nails done in the most beautiful of colors and designs - the most recent being decked out in various Pokemon figures.


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