Tie-dye nails!

Headphones, a cigarette in my lips. Jesse sitting nearby, a cat at my feet. A warm apartment, a full belly. Words fail to convey the moment in how simple and perfect it is, but it is words that I have, so words I use.

Slowly paint on another top coat on my nails. Marvel at how accomplished it makes me feel. I feel grateful that I find doing my nails to be so satisfying. It truly is one of those "things that make me feel like me" things.

There's plenty I'd like to write tonight, but I am getting sick. Ha, let's not be hopeful - I AM sick. Luckily it feels like your basic cold. Granted, with an autoimmune disease, there's always the slight fear that it'll land me in the hospital (like it seemed every cough and sniffle did last year). I especially wish to avoid the pneumonia-with-multiple-blood-transfusions that happened last year. In fairness to tracking possible symptoms, I'll have to tag this lupus.

Still, I did my nails. I have music and cigarettes. I have cats sprawled in all corners of this apartment. Jesse is happily playing a video game beside me. It is a good night.

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When immune systems are exposed to major forces that change the way how they previously functioned, it takes a while until they sound out the new way of functioning for them. Say, a year or even two, that's about it.
It really takes a while until the process is complete, but this state doesn't last forever, It's going to happen.