Bullet point entries are both under AND overrated

* I keep thinking I'll do a video post, mostly for the sake of vanity, but then I get tired and don't make a video. Someone had the brilliant idea that perhaps it'd be easier for me to watch other people share their lupus stories via video if I made a video about my lupus story.

That's a good idea and I will probably try that.

* I've been having a mild flare up lately. I say "mild" because while it's kept my ass in bed for two days straight now (and will likely do so today), it's only "just" the fatigue, some congestion, and a little edema on my legs. No vomiting, no GI troubles, no lung or heart palpitations. No migraines, no hallucinations.

* Or so it looks like right now, anyways. I'm always nervous that my internal organs are dive-bombing off cliffs, even if the rest of me feels relatively fine. This is the stock of flare-ups. Science has yet to figure out an answer for why it happens. Well, outside of Fuck Science, That's Why.

* I'm finally getting decent at differentiating between "lupus fatigue" and "regular tired." Regular tired puts me in bed during daytime hours in a restless state. With lupus fatigue, I wind up falling into a deep sleep that lasts hours, often all day, completely oblivious to the world spinning around me.

(This doesn't always translate into GOOD sleep, but again, that's thanks to Fuck Science, That's Why.

* Su_Carbs, your entries aren't always silly! You do a lot of updating about your hobbies, which is nice, plus you let us know what the kitties are up to. That's always a treat to read!

* And DAAAYUM, Ben, that workout that you described a few entries ago? That is some seriously athletic stuff. My muscles got sore just reading that! I am duly impressed.

* Bullet point seems to be all I can write in lately. At least I'm writing at all.

* Alpha I believe you are right about avocado toast being, essentially, guacamole. I think. I'm not sure what goes into making guacamole, but I do know the main ingredient is avocados. Honestly, I'd be okay with straight guacamole toast, too. Hell, we could just mainline that shit straight into my veins and I'd be happy.

* I've been waking up at 5 AM lately. I almost want to be concerned except:

(1) my clock got set on this when I had to take Pat to work last week, and he works the morning shift. Body clocks are also notoriously fickle and shift at the slightest of interruptions.

(2) I spent most of my life waking up at 5 AM, naturally, no alarm clocks needed. It feels like a return to my old, pre-sick self, which is a wonderful feeling. Also, I can go back to bed whenever I want, since I'm not working and have no obligations other than tending to the cats.

It's just a change, since I have been sleeping until the afternoon or later for many months now. If someone had told me two years ago that there'd be months and months where I'd regularly sleep in until noon or later (as I have for the last six months), I'd have called them crazy.

* Which is funny, considering how crazy I've been this year.

* To which, speaking of going back to bed, I ought to do so now. Kitties are fed, catboxes are scooped out and refilled, and a breakfast of eggs and fried vegetables in a tortilla has been made.

* All this talk of tortillas, guacamole...man I miss Mexican food. Of all the ethnic food cultures out there, Mexican is hands-down my favorite. Sadly, it is not Lupus's favorite. Oh well. We make do with what we can.

* Speaking of food cultures, does America have a food culture? If we do, what kinds of foods make up American food culture? Is it things like burgers and hot dogs and Coca-Cola and fast-food? (Things of which I also adore and wail about no longer being able to eat as often as I'd like.)

But seriously, do we as Americans have food that traditionally associated with us?

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Fatigue tiredness is more like when you've only slept 3 hours at night and your body can't fight against your eyes closing all by themselves. And this crap tends to hit you whenever it wants - even if you're on a highway, 100 miles from home, drive your own car and you needed to pay attention to the traffic. It even manages to overwhelm you with that much fuzz going on around you and many reasons to stay awake...

American eating culture I'd describe, as a foreigner, as just what you said. Most of that fastfood like burgers, hot dogs and coke I'd associate with American culture. Unlike doner or French fries (the name already says it), which, first thing, comes from Turkish culture. (I say "Turkish culture" because it's said to have its origin here from the Turkish gastarbeiter in West Germany. But the background it was created from clearly was Turkish or even Arabian culture.)
Although, I must admit, even as a foreigner I know that traditional Texan (!) kitchen can be really hefty and easy to make you become fat.
When there's a family feast or so in Texas, they can just bring you a lot of stuff on the table which isn't fast food, which is like normally done kitchen, roasting and cooking and all that.
Oh, and something I'd call "American" in that sector is: Using beef a lot. European kitchen, all of them, uses way more pig meat. Beef is not such a solid share of cooking in Europe than it is in the US. Turkey (because of Thanksgiving) also not so much, but this one I really don't know that much about.
Fish consumption? I don't know how they keep it in the US with that. Here, I'd say, the consumption of fish is pretty moderate. But this may be due to all German states that have existed in history being neighbor to the sea in the Northern parts. Hanse area and so on... A couple of other bigger European countries have also been in their history and are so today.
So fish is a common accessible ware for quite a lot of territory in Europe. For the US this might not be so...
The burger is what I'd characterise as the quintessentially american food. The hotdog too. Burgers and hotdogs.

And shitty cheese.
I left the following on the Other Side…
American food? You even need to ask?

The only foods I can think of as American are burgers, fries, and a coke or a milkshake. And maybe pizza, which isn't Italian; it might as well be American—especially when Screamer's, the only completely vegan pizza joint I know, serves a tater-tot pie and a potato chip pie, in addition to their Hawaiian (vegan ham, pineapple, and jalapeños) and their "Fancy Kale." (I call the potato-chip pie their "stoner pie.") Yeah, I know these pizzas were already scoped out by omnivores, but I'm tickled that vegan versions exist; they cause slightly less damage.

Actually, Screamer's is a joint project between Champ's Diner of Brooklyn and Blackbird Pizzeria in Philadelphia. Blackbird is the original vegan pizza joint.

Also fried chicken, Wonder® bread and McDonald's; why don't we just say that anything unhealthy is probably associated with Americans?
There was a point of sorts: to say "I was that sick, and now I'm this not-sick, so certain improvements are possible."

All that remains is to establish the extent of effort that wouldn't be foolish.

In other news, I'll be embarking sometime in the next several days on a couch tour that displays every likelihood of depositing me much nearer to you than I've been these past few years.


Because reasons. Shitty ones. Shitty reasons that I had only a peripheral role in bringing about.

The good news is that if I don't let terror and depression get the best of me, there's a shit-ton of lemonade to be made from these lemons. Exhibit A: I'll be around people who actually care about the dietary aspects of my treatment plan almost exclusively throughout, for the first time since I came back to Portland.

On the other hand - here's the terror and depression part - there's a very good chance I could wind up being stranded somewhere unsuitable without prospects or means.

Shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss that a bit.

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LOL when it comes to tacos, I don't mess around :p Multiple types of cheese, salsa, homemade guacamole, beans, etc.