Video update

Six minutes, basic rambling. Just letting ya'll know I'm alive. Also in which my toilet cycles. Yay for noise that you don't notice until you upload the damn video.

Definitely want to do a video detailing the Lupus story, but given my tendency to ramble, I should, like, outline that shit or something first.

Karl, I saw your update and I've been meaning to get to responding. This is a big, big step for you and I'm proud and excited! Just to let you know, it was seen and I will get to you about it.

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I've thought of Tumbler, but (1) For the life of me, I can't figure out how to navigate that site and (2) the big layouts with itty bitty text always makes my eyes hurt. What do you use Tumblr for?

And that's really sweet that she reminds you of me! It's good to meet people with whom you have an immediate connection, especially online. (Though upbeat and compassionate, not so much me as of late, but it's beautiful that someone else is!)