The US Government is now closed

And Trump continues to break national records....

This is the first time in our country's history where a government shutdown has been invoked while one party holds the majority in all public offices.

Seriously - one year into a Republican controlled majority and the government finds itself unable to perform its job.

Someone, somewhere, was smart and started taking bets a year ago. A shame I didn't get into that betting pool - I might be rich.

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He's even on record saying of the Obama shut down that the blame always resides with the President, no matter what, it's the Presidents fault.

Except now, obviously, when it's the Democrats fault.
Oh man, I have got to find that quote. He also blasted Obama for golfing, and yet he holds the record for "most golf played in the first year of any President EVAH".

I have occasionally been embarrassed to be an American. I have never really been ASHAMED of it before Trump.
It was on his twitter from 2013.

But yeah, apparently he even said in september this year that the country needed a good shutdown.

And yet here we are, his cultists are still swearing it's everybody else's fault but Trump.
Even though my guessing is: No matter who had won the election, the drama would be there anyway.
It's been a long time like that that only certain lobbies fight against each other and demonstrate their hate for whoever raises his voice against their ideas and plans, not sticking together and working for the same thing was THE topic of this business...
If the Left and Right move any further apart, we won’t be able to tell which form of fascism is which. As you previously observed, the Soviet Socialist party and the German National Socialist Party were equally good at eliminating political opponents, those they found inconvenient, and Jews. The oppressive governments were the same; it was just a matter of whether the propaganda said that they were building Socialism (Joseph Stalin) or defending the world from Communism (Joseph Goebbels).
This comparison is pretty deep nonsense, if one's happen to have a deeper knowledge about history. Soviet Russia was still under the steady threat on the inside to be retaken by its former nobles and their vassals and helpers, and by that it was on the threshold of being thrown back into the Middle Ages. Russian nobles were that way - they thought all resources in the state were just their for their supply and the rest of the populace needed nothing, not even food.
So tackling that threat - it's natural in that process that you don't only get those which you aim at with your policy, but also people which are innocent. Just from your paranoia "everybody could be my enemy and my future demise". Needing to think in that pathways is like "I can't trust anyone".
Nazi Germany was driven by the old bill of having lost WWI. Realizing Operation Barbarossa. Fulfilling some idea of that magalomania what they thought was right and wrong for themselves - "good for the rest of the world" better don't mention 'cause this was never really part of their intention or mindset. It was always about pumping the Reich and leaving the rest in shambles or work for their wealth. Stupid imperialism driven by the wealthy class consisting of industrial moguls and the remaining Kaiser loyalists and nobles.

The latter thing I could maybe relate to these day's politics. Because - if you look deeper into the background connections, past those idiotic puppets called "politicians" that get placed before the curtain to show you a distraction dance, then it might be the structures from back then and the structures from now aren't that really different. Only now you need to think in that terms: Behind BOTH of those general fractions, those who consider themselves as "conservative" as well as those which consider themselves als "liberal" and "progressive", you have those fractions from the industrial and financial sector which fund this whole theater anyway. In the time of the Nazis, you only had this united fraction from the big capital standing standing behind THEM and funding them, not the other parties too.
If you regard it under this main aspect, then the musings start to get solid. It also explains all illogical events and fights done by people which told you exact the opposite to be their position a week before. It's not politics fighting, it's the background fractions fighting. And those elites which do this business ("landscape maintenance for politics"), they're fascist in their very nature 'cause all that interests them is the multiplication of their profit. Not humans, not values, just the growth of their bank account. And preserving their position of power in the hierarchy.
You nailed my point in your second paragraph: We’re being manipulated, pure and simple.

The political agendas of conservatives, progressives, and liberals aren’t very different, but have reached a level of rhetoric at which no faction will consider anything the others have to say. If, for example, the most progressive faction supports a farm incentive bill named Bob’s Bill, the conservative factions will flatly reject it even if they submitted an identical bill named Joe’s Bill last week. Politics is either about compromise or it's about totalitarianism. There isn't an in-between.

All factions want us to believe their idea of “truth”; all factions want us to believe that only they can save us from the other, evil faction; no faction actually has our best interests at heart; and all most of us really want is for them all to leave us alone.

The press isn’t able to tell the difference between things that actually happened and things that were written for satire sites (Like the Marine Corps telling Marines to stop eating Tide pods), and we aren’t paying enough attention to recognize that #Whateverthefuck is a propaganda tool of a foreign government, the Colgate-Pamolive corporation, or something worse. We just say “Hell yeah!” and retweet it without checking its veracity or thinking it through.

I’m afraid that we may have the government that we deserve, and I don't expect it to get better in the foreseeable future.

Not going to hijack your Journal, QT -- I'll let this drop where it lands. I *think* Matrixmann and I are largely in agreement, but it's OK if we're not.
Trying to voice it short: Ever since finding out anything about the ongoings in the background of this, I recognized its systematic nature for myself, that one musn't talk about "single cases", but about a whole more complex web which you rather need to find the exceptions out about who doesn't use these methods in the game.
So to say, that's the real image of what weird conspiracy theorists talk about. You don't need the theories, you only need to look at the face of reality and then you already have your conspiracy. And, even for the worse, it's not an invention of the modern age, it's a thing that existed half a century, a hundred years ago also, if not even before that.

For these days, as a development that seems special for this time episode, it only becomes an interesting question what's responsible behind the curtain for this hostility that even the puppets show among each other. As in other times, this seemingly hasn't been needed. They didn't always fight like this in such a dogmatic manner. Or at least they fought about something which was recognizable as a thing that mattered for their respective clubs' further political agendas. (These days they fight about some empty nonsense.)
You don’t remember the ‘70’s.

The House, Senate, and Presidency were all controlled by Democrats for the government shutdowns under President Jimmy Carter from Oct. 31 to Nov. 9, 1977 and Nov. 30 to Dec. 9, 1977.
Senate: Democrats, 59-41
House: Democrats, 292-143

The Democrats had lost some seats for the Sept. 30 to Oct. 12, 1979 shutdown (again under Carter) but still held a substantial majority.
Senate: Democrats, 58-42;
House: Democrats, 277-158;

Shutdowns under Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama (who holds the record for the longest and most expensive shutdown to date) all occurred with split House/Senate majorities, or an opposition-controlled Congress.

Jimmy, not Donald, wins the "First Ever" award.