And now I have to throw aside what little pride I'd scraped up over the last year in NOT asking you guys for money and....ask for money again.

Pat moved back home this week and as such, in restocking his apartment (he'd been living with his parents the last couple of years due to the diabetic neuropathy) is tapped for living funds. I have Rupert, our youngest cat, scheduled for his shots at 55 dollars next week and am out of cat litter, cat food, toilet paper, gas to get food, and the few OTC supplements needed for my lupus. (Like, stool softners. Gross, right? Not ANYWHERE near as gross as what happens when you take Iron supplements for a week WITHOUT them!) I have food stamps this week, but gas to GET to the grocery store is extremely low.

And I don't want to ask my father for any more money. Like, ever, if possible.

(I have an update on that that is really a not-update, but I will write it soon.)

So, uhm, yeah. Me, doing what I've done way too much on LJ, asking for a few dollars here and there, via my paypal.

My disability case is nearing it's actual hearing: Preliminary judge hearing November 16th and the final hearing in front of a judge in January.

Just getting from here to there....I keep telling myself, just getting from here to there.

Thank you guys so much. I didn't realize that when I got sick so much of my energy HERE would be devoted to what amounts to some really pathetic fundraising. I'm sorry - and thank you.

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